Startup Sesame –  a field report

What is Startup Sesame? Startup Sesame is a one-of-a-kind program that connects European founders to European event organizers, bringing startups to amazing events throughout the year. While the exposure to events is great on its own, what’s even better is the...

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ObjectBox 2.0

With the release of ObjectBox 2.0 we are hitting a new milestone on our journey to make embedded databases simpler to use and faster. Two of the highlights we already announced in our 2.0 beta post: links (aka joins) and relation completeness. The final release brings...

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Top 5 reasons why edge computing is crucial for IoT

IoT is growing at a very rapid rate and with it the vast amount of data it produces. Handling these amounts of data is an unresolved challenge. Edge Computing could be part of the solution.  According to Dave Evans of Cisco, in 2010 the number of IoT devices connected...

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ObjectBox 2.0 beta with Links (aka Joins)

ObjectBox 2.0 will be a big step ahead and we are proud to announce the beta release today. Relations and queries are the two major themes. First, ObjectBox finally allows queries to use relations to expand queries across multiple entities. We call this "link" and it...

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Droidcon Berlin Women in Tech Panel 2018

We are looking forward to the Women in Tech panel at droidcon Berlin. It will be taking place during the Interactive Day on June 25th from 3:00-3:45PM. The numbers show, there is still a lack of diversity in technology in both the startup world and the established...

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Let’s dive into the iOS World

Two days ago, we attended the Swift Lighting Talks Meetup in Munich for the very first time. We had beer, pizza and listened to Sebastian Sellmeier’s presentation on making programming accessible and Denis Grebennicov’s presentation on the process of developing a...

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