that always work!

Access your data when and where needed, with or without internet connectivity. The ObjectBox highspeed database securely stores your data privatly on-device and syncs it seamless with millions of devices and the cloud.

All major languages and platforms supported

We 🤍 AI & Mobile Apps

Make your AI Apps always available, reliable companions 

✔ Enabling on-device AI.
Offline capable. No internet needed to run
✔ Scalable. Grows with your needs effortlessly
✔ Data Control. Your data. Stays where you decide
✔ Flexible, easy & fast! Superpowers for developers

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We 🤍 PoS Terminals

Uninterrupted PoS experiences

✔ No internet needed to keep selling
The kind of fast your customers feel
✔ 100% transactionally safe

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We 🤍 Automotive

Empowering Software-Defined Vehicles

✔ Agile APIs. Swiftly add features
✔ ECU Sync. Decentralised, in harmony
✔ VSS Ready: Easily use data standards


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A few lines of code speak louder than a thousand words

Never so Easy: persist locally, sync globally

Our APIs are simple, easy to use, and quick to implement. See for yourself.

Integrate ObjectBox and experience the simplicity of instant data sync and management. With just a few lines of code, you can start syncing data across devices and the cloud seamlessly. Our solution is designed to be fast to implement and easy to scale, ensuring you can launch and expand your applications with minimal fuss.

Never out of Sync

Access your data when and where needed, with or without internet connectivity. Our out-of-the-box high-speed Data Sync keeps data seamlessly up-to-date across any devices and the cloud.


Faster than any alternative

Save Time.

Save Energy.

Save CO2.

Save Money.

built projects

developed with ObjectBox

Running live in

millions of cars

since 2023

GitHub stars

on our repos

Tech Highlights

 Fast & Lightweight

Because no one likes waiting. 10X faster than any alternative paired with an incredebly lightweight footprint.

Vector Search

Very first on-device offline vector search powering on-device AI; cloud optional. Powerful in combination with our Data Sync.


Due to its efficiency, ObjectBox reduces resource-use (CPU, Memory, energy…) and therefore CO2, time, and money waste

Seamless Off/Online

For the low-latency “always-on” experience. Develop applications that work on- and offline, unburdened by the need for a constant Internet connection.

Data Control

Self-host, deploy locally, and run on-premise – ensure data sovereignty, compliance, and seamless performance even in low-connectivity environments.

Data Sync

Never miss a beat. Our offline data sync keeps data flowing seamlessly across devices on the edge; cloud optional.

We 🤍 Open Source | From the team behind the open source libraries: EventBus, greenDAO and Essentials. Apps that are using our technology:

Make the most of your data
offline, on-device, anywhere, anytime

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“very easy to integrate…gave us the data access speed we needed.”


“performance improvement far beyond other databases”

Vas @MathTrainer

“Thanks for such a powerful database solution, I can’t imagine my life without ObjectBox now”


“Keep up the amazong work!”

Cris @Crispert

“Terrific job, ObjectBox is marvelous solution, it almost makes data persistance invisible. I was really astonished to see how the code shrunk, in front of my eyes when I replaced realm. I’m still amazed how simple all of it is.”


ObjectBox is a super fast database and synchronization solution, built uniquely for Embedded Devices, Mobile and IoT. We bring computing to restricted devices, allowing data to be stored and processed from sensor to server for reliable, fast and secure data management on the edge. ObjectBox is smaller than 1MB and highly resource-efficient (CPU, Memory, Battery), so it is the ideal solution to work with on edge devices and embedded systems. ObjectBox is the first high-performance NoSQL, ACID-compliant on-device edge database. All ObjectBox products are built with developers in mind, so they are easy to use, quick to integrate, and take minimal code to implement.