The IoT Database to create value on the Edge

Enjoy the power of decentralized data flows and fast data persistence

ObjectBox empowers Edge Computing with the core technologies needed to implement edge solutions: High-performance edge data storage and decentralized Data Sync. For a long time, edge projects were destined to fail due to a lack of core software infastructure for the edge. Now there is ObjectBox. It is designed for the decentralized Edge Computing topology including compatibility and high performance across embedded devices. From sensor to brownfield to greenfield to Mobile to server and whatnot, ObjectBox has you covered. With ObjectBox, store and sync data from the edge to the cloud: save on networking costs, build sustainable projects that scale reliably and securely, work offline, and respond superfast, in near-realtime.

Superfast + Edge + Objects = ObjectBox


Keep data local and cloud costs low, even as projects scale and data volumes grow.

offline first


Keep customers happy with fast solutions that always work – online or offline.


Select which data to sync. Work on the edge and dynchronize only necessary data to the cloud.


Save your developer resources and improve time to market with a fast, out of the box data sync solution.

Reference Architecture

IoT edge computing

Platform Support

Tech Specs

    100,000+ objects per second for typical CRUD operations on low end hardware e.g. ARM32 (1M+ on current x64)
    Library is smaller than 1MB
    ObjectBox runs on millions of devices
    Filter by time, sensor data, names, etc. with scalable queries using indexes
    Full transaction support
    Your choice: embed ObjectBox in your app or ship with a container, e.g. Docker
  • BLOBs
    Store binary data efficently
    No hassle, no migration code
    Our database core is C++ and comes with binding in C, Go, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter / Dart and Python. Looking for additional bindings? Get in touch.

Data Sync – from Edge to Edge to Cloud, online and offline


Edge to Cloud to Edge

Need up to date data from your mobile app in the cloud or from a connected car on your back-end server? ObjectBox Sync empowers super fast and efficient automatic bidirectional edge to cloud to edge data updates with frugal data transmission.


Edge to Edge

Synchronize data from edge device to edge device, i.e. synchronize an IoT gateway with a smart phone or an on-premise server; use your existing hardware and legacy devices to synchronize data on your premises. Use ObjectBox Sync to keep data up to date in offline mission critical networks.


Decentralized Edge [planned]

The decentralized, distributed edge: keep data in sync and up-to-date from edge to edge with no central node (peer to peer) – with or without a cloud or a central server. Use the p2p Offline Sync on your premises without any connection to the Internet.


ObjectBox Empowers Edge Computing and much more

Easy to Implement

ObjectBox is build by developers for developers. We are committed to providing super easy to use APIs to keep code short and maintainable, and help make project timelines more efficient. We want coding to be fun. Developers drive businesses forward. Freeing up their time from tedious repetitive infrastructure implementation tasks, allows them to solve the value-adding, exciting ideas in creative ways.

Lightning Fast

The ObjectBox database was built for high performance and speed. Our solution is 10X faster than any alternative, and allows IoT products to maintain fast near realtime response rates. On top, because ObjectBox runs on the edge, you can guarantee a swift user experience – no need to worry about network issues and latency anymore. Delight your users with an application that always works.

Small Footprint

We know that on-device storage can be expensive – ObjectBox is less than 1MB in size. Our database is well suited to IoT gateways, and small IoT nodes. We fit on small hardware like e.g. the Raspberry Pi, ARM32X/64X, Azure Sphere, etc. Running a small and efficient edge database on your edge devices, allows you to do more with smaller hardware, which in many cases is a huge cost factor.

Start Free and Scale with Success

ObjectBox is built to handle large and complex data sets. In order to scale your IoT project, it may be necessary to implement an edge computing strategy. ObjectBox is free to start, and scales with your company. Ready to take your project to the next step? Ask us about Startup and Enterprise Licensing.

Do More with Smaller Devices

With a powerful database like ObjectBox, developers can enable Edge AI and data processing on restricted devices, making use of data at the source. Once data is analyzed, useful findings can be synchronized to the cloud – saving the costs and hassle of sending huge volumes of raw data in the cloud.