Mobile App developers trust ObjectBox. Join over 1,000,000+ developers that already use our fast NoSQL mobile database to persist objects in mobile apps – on-device, locally. Build faster Android and iOS apps quickly. Enjoy native Java, Kotlin, Swift, and Flutter / Dart APIs that are super intuitive to use. Use them to ensure smooth, offline-first user experiences. The ObjectBox Mobile database provides blazingly fast response rates at scale while stil being fully ACID-compliant. Oh, and one more thing: ObjectBox Mobile Database offers a highly efficient out-of-the-box Data Sync solution that manages data flows between devices bi-directionally via beautiful and simple APIs.

Don’t just trust our word for it: Go to GitHub and use the ObjectBox Mobile Database for free.

10x faster than other Mobile Databases

CRUD Operations | Entities per second

fastest mobile database

All our benchmarks are Open Source. Check it out on GitHub and let us know what you think. We strive for fair and transparent benchmarks.

NoSQL – Intuitive APIs developers love


We’re on a mission to bring joy and delight to app developers

Synchronize Data Seamlessly

Mobile users expect a seamless experience from their apps – whether online or offline. Make sure that data is synchronized between devices and / or a backend (cloud or server) with ObjectBox Syncthe fastest Data Sync solution for Mobile and IoT apps.


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Benefits of using ObjectBox

Lightweight DB

With a footprint of less than 1 MB and no caching, ObjectBox uses minimum of the device’s resoures.

Fast Data Access

Efficient Data Sync with less overhead than any alternative known to us (that was benchmarked with Kapsch and BMW).


No dependance on a network, since the local data is directly available. Reduce Cloud and MNO costs by storing data locally and only syncing when needed. 

Sustainability and privacy by design

Keep personal data with the user and reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding unnecessary data transfers.

More about mobile databases

What is a mobile database?

Mobile database is an edge database that runs on mobile devices, i.e. supports Android and iOS. It is a type of embedded database (one that is embedded into the application) that is also optimized for high performance on restricted decentralized devices, like mobile devices.

When do you need one?

If your mobile app stores any kind of data, it most likely needs a database solution. To save time, choosing an out-of-the-box solution is always a good idea. ObjectBox Database is free to use and easy to implement.

Is ObjectBox a full SQLite alternative?

ObjectBox is a database and not an ORM for SQLite, and so it is a full alternative. In some aspects it offers even more than SQLite, e.g. Data Sync and Flutter support.

Is ObjectBox an ORM?

No. It is an object-oriented NoSQL database that was built from the ground up.

Mobile Database Features

ObjectBox is an embedded, object-oriented database for Mobile Apps and IoT. Our NoSQL Mobile Database is 10x faster than any alternative, takes only 1/10th of the code compared to SQLite, and is a perfect alternative to SQLite and CoreData. On top, we built a data synchronization solution that takes care of seamlessly syncing data between the local mobile app and the backend / cloud. Get in touch to test ObjectBox out-of-the-box Data Sync now.



Our motivation to build ObjectBox was to deliver the best possible performance, outperforming every embedded database we’ve ever tested.


Objectbox is not an ORM, it is build for objects from the ground up, which means no more rows, columns, or SQL. Our concise API is easy to learn and only requires a fraction of the code compared to SQLite.


With ObjectBox, simply query for objects with checks at compile times; no more typos causing crashes at runtime.


Object references / relationships are build-in, native references.



Reacting to data changes is simple and powerful. Use reactive data observers from ObjectBox or integrate with RxJava.


ObjectBox supports Android, plain-Java, Kotlin  (Linux and Windows), POSIX, MacOS, iOS, Go, Python, Dart/Flutter, and C/C++.


With our multi-platform approach, you can run plain unit tests on the desktop (no Robolectric, on instrumentation tests) with a real database in milliseconds.

ACID compliant


ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) properties and Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) provide you with  safe transactions and parallelism.


Objects returned by ObjectBox with in all threads. No strings attached.


ObjectBox takes care of new object versions with added, removed and renamed properties. Automatic schema migration removes that chore for developers.


greenDAO is an Object-Relational-Mapper (ORM). If you are already using greenDAO, you can seamlessly switch to ObjectBox using greenDAO compat APIs for ObjectBox. If you are using another ORM or DB, switching to ObjectBox is easy.


From beta onward, ObjectBox has been running on 30k+ apps, and millions of devices. Of course, we’ve also run over 1,000 individual internal unit tests and empower apps with more than 20 million installs.

Developers Love ObjectBox


Thanks for such a powerful database solution, I can’t imagine my life without ObjectBox now


MathTrainer – build with ObjectBox

Terrific job, ObjectBox is marvelous solution, it almost makes data persistence invisible. I was really astonished to see how the code shrunk before my eyes when I replaced realm. I am still amazed how simple all of it is.

Keep up the amazing work! As I found eventbus some time ago I was like: HOLY these guys know where the “problem” is and try to find a brilliant solution to it without making things complicated. Anyone can clearly see that this approach is reflected in ObjectBox again.