IoT Edge Computing Use Cases

ObjectBox gets you access to the edge data you need.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting our world in new and amazing ways. Using the data generated by IoT devices, we can make a smarter, safer, and more efficient world. However, IoT devices generate millions of data points – and it no longer makes sense to stream all of this data to the cloud to be stored, analyzed and processed. More intelligent computing must happen at the edge of the network, at or near the source of the data. This is called edge computing. With the power of edge computing, companies can develop products that are independent from the cloud, ensure better data safety, and respond in real time. Here we take a look at some of the IoT use cases that make use of edge computing.

Selected ObjectBox IoT Use Cases

ObjectBox empowers edge computing with a data storage and synchronization solution. It’s uniquely designed to manage data from sensor to server, so your data is accurate and up to date across all hardware. ObjectBox is a horizontal solution, read more about the IoT use cases across industries.


When layering, small changes in the environment need to be incorporated quickly and efficiently to ensure quality. Faster and more precise manufacturing depends on constant adaptation. The limiting factor currently is the I/O throughput. ObjectBox’ speed enables higher I/O throughput.

    • Large and complex data volume
    • Real time response needed
    • Data primarily useful at the local level


IoT Use Cases

Quality Assurance

Quality issues are costly for producers; both in time and raw material. The faster issues can be caught, and action can be taken, the better. ObjectBox empowers video quality control in real time on the edge, allowing for autonomous action at the machine level.

  • High fidelity data
  • Real time autonomy possible
  • Synchronization keeps operators up to date on real time status



Catching machine failures before they occur are a huge cost saving. Processing and monitoring raw data locally at the source, e.g. analyzing audio data for anomalies, allows operators to catch and react to maintenance issues in real time while keeping cloud costs low. ObjectBox enables operators to process more data faster using existing hardware.

  • Analyse high fidelity data, while keeping cloud costs low
  • Sync only interesting data
  • Do more with existing hardware


The ObjectBox Advantage

10X faster than any alternative.


Check out our open source benchmarks, and test our speed yourself.

S2S: one solution, from sensor to server.


Well suited for IoT gateways and devices, like the Azure Sphere or Raspberry Pi.

Sync solved reliably,


NoSQL core with native language APIs to make developing easy and simple.

Operation Optimization

The biggest challenge railway providers face today is digitization to increase operational efficiency. Issues like unscheduled down-times or track repairs are very costly and have a strong impact on customer satisfaction. On top, railway providers constantly need to work on ensuring and improving passenger security. ObjectBox enables railway operators to optimize their operational efficiency and asset management via rapid processing of real time mission critical data, ensuring extremely reliable asset operations and timely decision-making.

  • Mission critical applications
  • High regulatory requirements
  • Availability is highest priority


    Car Tolling

    In Open Road Tolling (ORT), the business model depends on the fast and reliable identification of cars passing through as well as the reliable and fast synchronization of this information to back-end systems. ObjectBox’ fast and reliable data storage and synchronization helps to quickly identify car owners on site in real time.

    • Real-time response need
    • Millions of data points
    • Synchronization to ensure all entities are up-to-date


    Car Charging
    Energy Load Management

    Being able to monitor and control energy load management on a local level allows car charging providers to optimize their energy usage. ObjectBox enables this complex computing and synchronization on the edge.

    • Local synchronization of load requirements
    • Real-time response to ever changing variables