Build offline-first apps faster – on Mobile, IoT & Embedded Devices

ObjectBox is a superfast Mobile Database / Edge Database persisting data locally on restricted devices, e.g. mobile phones, cars, machines, or any kind of IoT device. Because edge applications typically entail exchanging data of many distributed devices, ObjectBox Database comes with an out-of-the-box Data Sync. It takes care of synchronizing data between devices and of course works cross-platform (check out this simple tutorial to see how easy you can sync data across platforms with ObjectBox Sync).

Intuitive native APIs developers ❤️

ObjectBox abstracts the complexity and repetitiveness of decentralized offline-first apps behind enjoyable, easy-to-use, and superfast APIs. Making it easy to implement sustainable resource-efficient architectures, reducing unnecessary cloud waste and enhancing data privacy options.

Our APIs are simple, easy to use, and quick to implement. See for yourself.

From the team behind EventBus & GreenDAO, in the top 1% of Java developers on GitHub.

Want to sync data seamlessly? Check out ObjectBox Data Sync

See how cross platform sync works

This tutorial + video shows how you can sync between three instances of our multiplatform task-list example app. It will walk you through all the necessary steps to implement sync in your Java (Android), C++ and Go apps.

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ObjectBox is the fastest kid on the block. Check out our benchmarks.

Mobile Benchmarks

CRUD Operations | Entities per second


IoT Benchmarks

CRUD Operations | Entities per second

All our benchmarks are Open Source. Check it out on GitHub and let us know what you think. We strive for fair and transparent benchmarks.

Developers Love Working with ObjectBox


“Thanks for such a powerful database solution, I can’t imagine my life without ObjectBox now


MathTrainer – build with ObjectBox

Terrific job, ObjectBox is marvelous solution, it almost makes data persistence invisible. I was really astonished to see how the code shrunk before my eyes when I replaced realm. I am still amazed how simple all of it is.

Keep up the amazing work! As I found eventbus some time ago I was like: HOLY these guys know where the “problem” is and try to find a brilliant solution to it without making things complicated. Anyone can clearly see that this approach is reflected in ObjectBox.



ObjectBox Features – the fast database for the Edge in Mobile and IoT



Our motivation to build ObjectBox was to deliver the best possible performance, outperforming every embedded database we’ve ever tested.


ObjectBox is build for Mobile and IoT from scratch. Object-oriented, no more rows, columns, or SQL. Easy to learn API that only requires a fraction of the code compared to SQLite.


With ObjectBox, simply query for objects with checks at compile times; no more typos causing crashes at runtime.


Object references / relationships are build-in, native references.



Reacting to data changes is simple and powerful. Use reactive data observers from ObjectBox or integrate with RxJava.


ObjectBox supports C / C++, Android, plain-Java, Kotlin (Linux and Windows), POSIX, MacOS, Swift (iOS), Go, Python and Flutter / Dart.



With our multi-platform approach, you can run plain unit tests on the desktop (no Robolectric, on instrumentation tests) with a real database in milliseconds.

ACID compliant


ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) properties and Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) provide you with  safe transactions and parallelism.


Objects returned by ObjectBox with in all threads. No strings attached.


ObjectBox takes care of new object versions with added, removed and renamed properties.



Already using greenDAO? Switch seamlessly to ObjectBox using greenDAO compat APIs for ObjectBox.

data sync


Synchronize your online / offline data seamlessly with simple APIs. Find out more about sync.