ObjectBox Go 1.0 release and performance benchmarks

ObjectBox 1.0 is here. Late last year, we introduced ObjectBox to the world of Go - and were awestruck by the GitHub traction and feedback we got. So we doubled down on our efforts and are thrilled to announce 1.0 with many new features, a stabilized API, and improved...

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How to set up ObjectBox Go on Raspberry Pi

ObjectBox is a fast object-oriented database for IoT and Mobile edge computing. With its Go support, ObjectBox is a perfect match for Raspberry Pi and will add instant speed to your next Raspberry project. To get started right away, jump straight to the Installation...

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What is Edge Computing?

What is Edge Computing?

Today, over 90 percent of enterprise data is sent to the cloud. In the next years, this number will drop to just 25 percent according to Gartner. The rest of the data is not going anywhere. It is being stored and used locally, on the device it was created on - e.g....

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ObjectBox Python Alpha

ObjectBox database persists objects and is now available as an Alpha on Python. We are looking forward to the open source community helping us extend it to a 1.0+ 🙂

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ObjectBox EdgeX Release (Beta)

Now Released! ObjectBox EdgeX v1.1 >> ObjectBox now runs on the EdgeX Foundry IoT Edge Platform. Utilizing ObjectBox’ speed and ease of use, EdgeX users can now compute millions of data points on the edge with minimal latency. ObjectBox’ small footprint of less...

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Azure Sphere & ObjectBox: IoT Sensor Demo

A few weeks ago, we published ObjectBox for Azure Sphere. Today, we are adding IoT sensor data collection to this. It's a working demonstration that you can run on your machine along with an Azure Sphere board. To jump straight to it, here is the repository.Forwarding...

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The ObjectBox Swift Beta is Here!

If you’ve ever needed a database for your iOS app, you’ve probably had to manage schemas, tables, query strings and all sorts of overhead. Moreover, whenever you wanted to modify the structure of your database, you had to write migration code so that your users’ data...

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ObjectBox Swift for iOS and macOS

We’re happy to share our first Swift version of the ObjectBox database for iOS and macOS! We want to give you a Swift “native” API without any ObjectiveC legacy shining through, which is why we decided to put Swift, with its unique language features, first. We...

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Go, ObjectBox Golang!

Today, we are bringing the power of ObjectBox to Golang. Whatever solution you are building, be it a web service, an IoT/IIoT solution, or any data-driven application, you will benefit from the efficiency and speed of ObjectBox (see benchmarks below). Let us know what...

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ObjectBox C API for IoT

The ObjectBox C API is here, as requested by IoT C/C++ developers. ObjectBox's efficiency is a perfect match for the Internet of Things with its resource-restricted devices and need for offline capability. The ObjectBox C API allows C/C++ developers to create...

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ObjectBox 2.2 comes with important fixes

We released ObjectBox 2.2 for Android more than a week ago: It comes with important fixes and we advise to update to the latest version asap. We noticed that already fixed issues are still being reported. Thus, we decided to dedicate a small blog post to increase the...

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What are the benefits of Edge Computing?

The benefits of edge computing stem directly from the underlying paradigm: Edge Computing is a decentralized computing architecture as opposed to a centralized/cloud computing model.  Benefits of Edge Computing put simplyData ownership / privacy: Data can stay where...

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