Game Development Database

Fast edge persistence for a super smooth gaming experience.

Game Development Database

Games on the Edge

ObjectBox empowers superfast local computing to enable better gaming experiences that work both on- and offline. Enjoy real-time response rates on-device for a super smooth gaming experience that always works – independent from an Internet connection. Use our out-of-the-box data synchronization solution to also have data available when needed where needed – without the hassle. Try us as your game development database!

Create new leading-edge games:

* using local data, locally;
* for synchronized edge devices;
* with offline and online capabilities.

ObjectBox Empowers Edge Computing for Games

Improve Gaming Experience

When game data is processed at the edge (rather than being sent to the cloud) the lag time is reduced. This undoubtedly enables more immersive in-game experiences for non-console based games. In some games, latency of even 100 milliseconds negatively affects the gaming experience. With ObjectBox, app developers can build mobile games that provide seamless offline gaming experiences.

Play Anywhere, Anytime: Online or Offline

Mobile users expect apps to work everywhere, regardless of an internet connection. To illustrate, there is a wealth of research that suggests response rates of websites and mobile applications impact user behavior significantly. By using a super fast embedded database like ObjectBox, you can ensure that your game provides a seamless offline experience.

Sync Data smartly and Save Costs

Game providers can bring down both cloud storage and transmission costs by processing data locally. For data that does need to be sent to the cloud (e.g. a high score, or standing), ObjectBox Sync synchronizes necessary data, simply and efficiently. ObjectBox Sync helps to further keep costs low, while transferring data in the most efficient way and reducing transmission fees.

Keep Personal Data Personal – on the device, with the gamer

Our database allows developers to build apps that keep personal data with the user. Hence, they can enable a personalized user experience without bringing data ownership into question. This can then help game developers to enforce GDPR and other privacy regulations without sacrificing UX.

Games on the Edge: AR/VR Use Case

Artificial Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are both extremely data heavy applications that demand low latency. In these applications, speed is essential, because latency less than 20 milliseconds can create nausea and game lag. As a result, the whole on-device tech stack needs to be optimized for speed. Additionally, independence from any kind of network allows to guarantee QoS. By using ObjectBox to bring data locally, one can improve the gaming experience, while also reducing cloud costs.

ObjectBox In a Nutshell



ObjectBox is a high performance data storage solution for IoT and Mobile devices. For the devs: embedded, object-oriented, NoSQL, ACID compliant, <1MB footprint, time series feature, 10x faster than alternatives (see open source benchmarks).


data sync

ObjectBox Sync syncs the data you want to sync between edge device and the cloud automatically for you. It’s also super efficient, so it saves energy and cloud costs. Developers save time and can go to market faster, because it’s out-of-the-box.


why edge computing?

Edge Computing keeps data local, and makes data storage and processing: sustainable, efficient, real time, offline, and secure. Furthermore, we believe Edge Computing is the future of computing, and we aren’t the only ones.


Why ObjectBox rocks

* A fast database = business value, save expense and time
* Our solutions are super-fast. Seriously. Benchmark us (please)
* We support all kinds of devices and platforms (details)
* We’re pretty fun to work with ? 
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