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Our mission

  • Help app and IoT developers make SUPERSMOOTH APPs
  • ACCELERATE mobile development
  • Bring JOY & DELIGHT to the mobile industry


Our values

  • Be Accessible – ObjectBox database is free & supereasy to use, so that every mobile developer can benefit from its efficiency. We strive to be accessible in every respect within ObjectBox.
  • Be Sustainable – We’re building a sustainable company: From the technology to daily live. ObjectBox aims to always be the most performant, easiest to implement, and most resourceful data solution for connected devices in every respect.
  • Stay gold – fair comes first. Integrity, authenticity, honesty, transparency are valued above all.
  • Share & Enjoy – treat others the way you want to be treated, don’t take yourself too seriously; share and learn together in a fun way; enjoy and bring joy.




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