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Our mission: Making Edge Data Accessible, Edge Data Management easy

  • Bring JOY & DELIGHT to developers working with distributed edge data
  • ACCELERATE sustainable digitization
  • Make DISTRIBUTED edge-first, online-first Apps as easy as the cloud


Our values: Value Creation

  • Create true “bottom-line value” – everything we do at ObjectBox is guided by the question, if this creates value. And with value creation we mean value for the most people possible. E.g. if a company creates profits by producing something that is of itself valuable at significant cost to the public (e.g. by polluting the water), it is not creating value in our view. 
  • Stay gold – fair comes first. Integrity, authenticity, transparency are valued above all. This saves everyone time and thus ressources and we feel is a blessing in todays world of constant marketing, click-bait, and smoke and mirrors communication. We stay true to what ObjectBox is – and what it isn’t.
  • Be Sustainable in every respect – For us sustainability is holistic and applied from the technology to the people to small every-day decisions: ObjectBox aims to be the most resourceful data management solution for connected devices, saving resources (energy, CO2, bandwidth, time, …); we always choose the sustainable apath (e.g. recycled paper, saving energy, …); we support everyone to leading balanced and sustainable lives.
  • Share and Enjoy – treat others the way you want to be treated (or better for that matter ;)). Don’t take yourself too seriously; share, learn and grow together; enjoy and bring joy. Joyful, personal growth creates value.
  • Be Accessible – ObjectBox database is free & easy to use, so that every application developer can benefit from its efficiency. We help when we can to create value in the ecosystem.

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We’re proud to elevate people at ObjectBox. We love learning and growing together, advancing as persons, a team, and the company.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” [Steve Jobs] 

ObjectBox in a Nutshell



ObjectBox empowers edge computing with a high performance DB and Data Sync solution for IoT and Mobile devices. An embedded, object-oriented, NoSQL, ACID compliant DB and data Sync solution, plus time series feature.


data sync

ObjectBox Sync syncs only the data you need to sync between edge device and the cloud automatically for you. It’s super efficient, so it saves energy and mobile network costs. Save time and can go to market faster with ObjectBox Sync.


why edge computing?

Edge Computing keeps data local, and makes data storage and processing: sustainable, efficient, real time, offline, and secure. We believe Edge Computing is the future of computing, and we aren’t the only ones.


Why ObjectBox rocks

* A fast database = business value, save expense and time
* Our solutions are super-fast. Seriously. (see open source benchmarks).
* We support all kinds of devices and platforms (details)
* We’re pretty fun to work with 🙂 Reach out and let’s collaborate.