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Enable efficient data management and keep cloud costs low in Smart Mobility.

Data in Smart Mobility: An Overview

The current mobility landscape is shifting towards a data-enabled, driverless system. This requires Smart Mobility providers to think about reliable and efficient methods of storing, processing, and managing data from sensor to server.

Today, connected cars produce over 25,000 MB of data every hour. This data should not and cannot all be sent to the cloud. Edge Computing will be a critical tool to curb high cloud costs, improve user experience, ensure real time response rates, and protect personal data amidst increasing regulatory standards.

ObjectBox Empowers Edge Computing in Smart Mobility

Ensure Offline-capability and Reliability

Whenever you are mobile at some point you will not have an Internet connection. Many use cases require offline capability – for example, while on the move, in underground garages, or remote areas.

ObjectBox enables your applications to always work – not matter if the device is connected to the Internet or not, providing a seamless user experience. At the same time, ObjectBox ensures that data is reliably stored and never lost with ACID compliant transactions, the gold-standard in data management.

Keep Personal Data personal – with the User

Most users are not willing to share their personal data with automakers; in fact 90% of EU respondents in an FiA survey believed that vehicle data belonged to the vehicle owner or driver.

ObjectBox allows developers to build apps that keep personal data with the user – enabling a personalized user experience without bringing data ownership into question.

Sync Data and Save Costs

While Edge Computing has many benefits, many projects need part of their data at a central point, accessible in the cloud. With ObjectBox Sync, you choose which data to synchronize and when, keeping cloud costs reasonable as projects scale.

ObjectBox Sync will also enable data synchronization directly between devices, facilitating Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) use cases in Smart Mobility.

Use Cases for Smart Mobility on the Edge

Operation Optimization

When layering, small changes in the environment need to be incorporated quickly and efficiently to ensure quality. Faster and more precise manufacturing depends on constant adaptation. The limiting factor currently is the I/O throughput. ObjectBox’ speed enables higher I/O throughput.

  • Mission critical applications
  • High regulatory requirements
  • Availability is highest priority


    Car Tolling

    In Open Road Tolling (ORT), the business model depends on the fast and reliable identification of cars passing through as well as the reliable and fast synchronization of this information to backend systems. ObjectBox’ fast and reliable data storage and synchronization helps to quickly identify car owners on site in real time.

    • Real-time response need
    • Millions of data points
    • Synchronization to ensure all entities are up-to-date


    Car Charging
    Energy Load Management

    Being able to monitor and control energy load management on a local level allows car charging providers to optimize their energy usage. ObjectBox enables this complex computing and synchronization on the edge.

    • Local synchronization of load requirements
    • Real-time response to ever changing variables


    Smart Mobility Edge Computing Case Studies

    This case study looks at how Kapsch and ObjectBox collaborated on a Kapsch Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Edge solution for the railway industry. The project enables railway operators to optimize their operational efficiency and asset management via rapid processing of real time mission critical data.

    The use of Edge Computing is a perfect fit for modern infrastructure projects. In the context of car tolling, speed, reliable data storage and synchronization are indispensable, resulting in ObjectBox being an effective solution for today’s and future technological advancements.

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