ObjectBox for on-device Artificial Intelligence

Craft data-driven AI apps that work anywhere, anytime – locally, on-premise, offline as well as online. For apps that run 100% cloud-optional on a wide variety of devices from phones and IoT gadgets to controllers, medical devices, PoS terminals, and any cloud.


For AI apps anytime & anyplace

AI on any device  even without internet

✔ On-premise, on-device
✔ No cloud dependency
✔ Uninterrupted experiences

Keep your AI app in sync

Out-of-the-box seamless synchronization

✔ Sync on the edge & to the cloud
✔ Host Data Sync on any device
✔ 100% transactionally safe

So fast, you forget its tech

Efficient resource-use for more speed

✔ Mobile phones, IoT, wearables
✔ The kind of fast your customers feel
✔ Ultrafast on constrained devices

On-device Vector Search for Embedded, Mobile & IoT devices

A few lines of code speak louder than a thousand words

Easily get started within seconds

With just a few lines of code, start using vector search to find the relevant data for RAG, detection, search, recommendation or any other AI-supported task; no cloud needed

Enjoy the speed while you scale while we take care that you can launch and expand your applications with minimal work

Works on any POSIX system, e.g.

Tech Highlights

Advanced ANN Search Algorithm

Our Hierarchical Navigable Small World (HNSW) algorithm delivers industry-leading performance and scalability for precise and fast responses.

Enhance your AI with your data

Ground your AI app in your data using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for personalized, enhanced, and up-to-date LLM responses.

 Superfast Semantic & Hybrid Search

Combine vector searches with other query conditions, creating a flexible and powerful search capability that includes non-vector data and can link to several objects.

Fast & Lightweight

Because no one likes waiting. 10X faster than any alternative paired with an incredebly lightweight footprint.

Disk-Based & RAM Caching Speed

ObjectBox runs efficiently on constrained devices, bringing robust performance to widely accessible hardware.


Due to its efficiency, ObjectBox reduces resource-use (CPU, Memory, energy…) and therefore CO2, time, and money waste


For the low-latency “always-on” experience. Develop applications that work on- and offline, unburdened by the need for a constant Internet connection.

Data Control

Self-host, deploy locally, or run on-premise – ensure data sovereignty, compliance, and seamless performance even in low-connectivity environments.

Data Sync

Never miss a beat. Our offline Data Sync keeps data flowing seamlessly across devices on the edge of the network and to the cloud. 100% cloud optional.