The superfast Embedded Database for Embedded Systems

Resource efficient data storage for Embedded Devices

Store data on restricted devices. Without eating up resources.

ObjectBox is a highly efficient embedded database, optimized for high performance and low resource use on restricted (embedded) devices. ObjectBox is a NoSQL, ACID-compliant embedded database, with a small footprint, using very little CPU, RAM, and battery – leaving more resources for other value adding operations. On top, we offer an out-of-the-box data synchronization solution, enabling developers to easily keep data in flow (bi-directional) between embedded devices, online or offline. ObjectBox enables developers to persist objects and time-series data with native language APIs like C, C++, Go-lang, Java, Flutter / Dart, Kotlin, swift. You can run it on any POSIX platform including Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. We also do offer support for data structured in trees, e.g. VSS and Umati.


Resource Efficiency

Small footprint and minimal CPU, RAM and battery use. In reference cases on restricted embedded devices, we used less than 8% CPU for 150k data points with 30k random changes / second, reducing energy usage by 90%.


Embedded Devices

Optimized for high-performance on Embedded Systems. From Engine Control Units to Industrial Controllers: Persist and synchronize data on and between embedded devices efficiently.


Fast I/O throughput

ObjectBox is 10x faster then alternatives (check out our open source benchmarks). Ingest high volumes of data (high frequency, low frequency, simultanous connections) fast.


Enhanced Developer Agility

Over 1,000,000 developers use ObjectBox Database and love our easy-to-use native language APIs. Reduce lines of code. Make maintenance simple.


Persistent Local Data Storage

No connectivity? No problem. With persistent local storage, keep collecting and storing data even in environments with intermittent connectivity or extended outages.

data sync

Out-of-the-box Data Sync

Keep data in flow with ObjectBox Sync. ObjectBox syncs data bi-directionally between devices (from smartphone to server) super efficiently and transactionally safe.


Maximum Flexibility

Persist and sync objects and time-series data on any POSIX-system, e.g. Linux, Windows, iOS, Android; both, ARM 32- and 64-bit. Native language APIs are available for C, C++, Go, Java, Dart, Kotlin, and Swift.


Faster Time to Market

ObjectBox is easy and fast to set up and integrate. Our simple APIs and data browser allow developers to implement and extend solutions quickly, and make debugging and maintenance easy.

Developers ObjectBox

The ease of use was a big pro; having dealt with a lot of databases, the APIs of ObjectBox are refreshingly intuitive.


code snippet coming soon 🙂 check out the actual code here:

The Embedded Database for Sustainable Edge Applications

ObjectBox’ embedded database and data sync solution empowers embedded solutions across industries. From Automotive to Industrial IoT, ObjectBox is used by embedded developers for speed, resource efficiency, and to reduce data transmission overhead. Read more about industry-specific applications here: