Let’s dive into the iOS World

Let’s dive into the iOS World

Two days ago, we attended the Swift Lighting Talks Meetup in Munich for the very first time. We had beer, pizza and listened to Sebastian Sellmeier’s presentation on making programming accessible and Denis Grebennicov’s presentation on the process of developing a Document Scanner app. It was fun and very instructive, thanks!

We also gave a 15 minute sneak peek talk about our ObjectBox iOS binding. Markus covered the basics of ObjectBox before sharing how we managed to overcome iOS constraints in our APIs. Finally, he disclosed the first (early) performance benchmarks on iOS, which we think are quite encouraging…

Check out the full talk in the video below.

In case you want to learn more about ObjectBox on iOS, sign up here for news and Early Access.
Special thanks to Stefan Mayer-PoppThe Munich iOS Developers Meetup for organizing this event and to Mayflower for hosting it.


We officially released our YouTube channel, we will post videos about ObjectBox and Tech in general. Subscribe to stay tuned.


Loading Data – SQLite DB vs. ObjectBox DB

Loading Data – SQLite DB vs. ObjectBox DB

Code Example n°1


Loading data.
In just 2 lines.


Loading data in a Mobile App can be lenghty… if you work with SQLite directly. That’s why we built the fastest ORM on the market: greenDAO. With greenDAO its only 2 lines of code. With ObjectBox, our Mobile Database, its also 2 lines of code. Objectbox simply gives you additional speed out of the box. If you are already working with greenDAO, you can switch to using ObjectBox almost seamlessly. Check out our greenDAO CompatLayer to learn how you can easily switch and boost your app performance with minimal effort.


SQlite / greenDAO / ObjectBox


String[] columns = { “note”, “date_changed” };

String[] idArgs = { String.valueOf(id) };

SQLiteCursor cursor = (SQLiteCursor) db.query(“notes”, columns, “_id=?”, idArgs, null, null, “note”);

try {

if (cursor.getCount() != 1) {

throw new Exception(“Unexpected count: ” +cursor.getCount());



String note = cursor.getString(0);

String date = cursor.getString(1);

updateUi(note, date);

} finally {




Note note = noteDao.load(id);

updateUi(note.getNote(), note.getDate());


Note note = noteBox.get(id);

updateUi(note.getNote(), note.getDate());

ObjectBox 0.9.10 – getting closer to 1.0

ObjectBox 0.9.10 – getting closer to 1.0

ObjectBox 0.9.10 - getting closer to 1.0

Do you know our new super fast mobile database ObjectBox yet? With versions 0.9.9 and the just released 0.9.10, ObjectBox made great progress to stabilize features for the 1.0 release. With an increasing number of apps using ObjectBox, we were able to spot and fix some less obvious issues. We believe that ObjectBox 0.9.10 is the most stable release ever. If you did not dare to check out the beta version yet: now is a good time to have a closer look.