ObjectBox EdgeX

Bringing the power of local high-performance Data Storage and Data Sync to EdgeX

Free to use

EdgeX is open-source with Apache v2.0 license. ObjectBox has open source bindings and is free to use. Get started today.

No lock-in

Don’t get locked in to a platform with no flexibility. EdgeX is Vendor, Hardware, and OS agnostic; ObjectBox supports devices from sensor to server.

Unlock the edge

The high-performance edge database ObjectBox enables EdgeX users to leverage new and improved technologies like AI, ML, and automation on the edge.

ObjectBox EdgeX for true Edge Computing

Objectbox EdgeX combines ObjectBox’ speed and ease of use with EdgeX Foundry™ IoT Edge Platform. EdgeX Foundry users can now compute millions of data points on the edge with minimal latency. ObjectBox’ small footprint of less than 1MB makes the database uniquely suited for small devices. The high performance of the EdgeX database ObjectBox on IoT edge devices and gateways, as well as fog nodes, allows you to compute more data on the edge with your existing hardware. At the same time, ObjectBox DB is fully ACID compliant and thus the reliable EdgeX database alternative. Adding the speed and size advantages of ObjectBox database to EdgeX, empowers companies to analyze more data locally on the machine, faster than ever before, while ensuring data is never lost. Add this powerful edge database to your EdgeX project and realize the full potential of Edge Computing in your application. Starting with ObjectBox EdgeX 1.1, ObjectBox also supports 32-bit ARM devices (as opposed to EdgeX Foundry, which supports only 64-bit).

Simplifying the IoT Edge Environment

With over 450 IoT Platforms on the market, EdgeX is the standout open source platform focused specifically on enabling Edge Computing. EdgeX makes it easy to choose the developer tools you need as the platform is vendor, OS, and hardware agnostic. Therefore, it is easy to use ObjectBox DB for true Edge Computing within your EdgeX based project. ObjectBox DB is an embedded database solution, smaller than 1MB and 10x faster than any alternative. It is the best choice for edge devices that demand high-performance, querying, and complex data (e.g. beyond time-series). ObjectBox runs on a wide variety of devices from sensor to server and therefore allows you to use one database over the whole project, including on mobile phones. ObjectBox Sync sychronizes complex data between devices or directly to the cloud.

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ObjectBox: Designed for the Edge

ObjectBox was designed for high performance Edge Computing in IoT and Mobile. It fits on devices across the spectrum, from sensor to server. Edge IoT devices often need to collect various types of data (e.g. time series or graph), and Edge Computing can involve machine learning, image or video processing and other complex computing. ObjectBox is an object-oriented database, designed to manage various types of data quickly and efficiently, enabling complex processing on the edge. As an ACID compliant data product, ObjectBox ensures data reliability. This is a unique advantage for many applications and should always be considered when benchmarking for performance.

ObjectBox Sync solves data synchronization out-of-the-box. Whether syncing between IoT edge devices, creating a smart decentralized grid, or directly to the cloud, ObjectBox sync makes that data accessible for developers, where it’s needed and when it’s needed.

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There are several native language APIs available for ObjectBox, including Go, C/C++, Java, Kotlin, and Swift. Find out more about use cases in Smart Mobility and Industrial IoT.

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