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ObjectBox keeps data from embedded edge devices reliably stored and synced.

Next-Gen Digitization in Manufacturing is happening on the Edge

Industry 4.0 has been a buzz word for decades. One reason why digital transformation has taken so long to manifest is the lack of core software technologies to fulfill manufacturer’s requirements. To enable new use cases and make data easily accessible in industrial settings, data storage and synchronization need to happen on the . There are two main reasons for this:

– Industrial IoT needs reliable speed (i.e. fast data and I/O throughput); machines like motion controllers and factory automation have real-time requirements.

– Data security and privacy are of the essence; keeping data out of the cloud makes this much more manageable.



ObjectBox is an innovative core software infrastructure that serves the convergence of OT (operational technology) and IT (information technology), providing developers a super-fast data storage and synchronization solution to enable Smart Manufacturing on the edge.


ObjectBox Empowers Edge Computing in Industrial IoT

With ObjectBox, enable critical, real time response rates on IIoT devices and machines, and ensure that industrial applications always work whether online or offline. ObjectBox Sync keeps data seamlessly up to date and synchronized across devices, from sensor to server. With ObjectBox Time Series store, process, and visualize time-series data quickly and efficiently.

iiot edge computing

Respond Faster & Ensure High Quality

ObjectBox enables you to persist and use data in near realtime locally on manufacturing units like e.g. controllers. This means quality issues or abnormalities can be addressed the moment they occur, or additive manufacturing units can adapt to slight changes in the surrounding conditions. ObjectBox allows you to manage high I/O throughputs locally, quickly, and reliably.

Collect, store, and query time-series data on the edge

The value of tracking and analyzing how data performs over time is essential across industries, but particularly in manufacturing. ObjectBox Time Series feature enables the fast and efficient storage and synchronization of time series data – from machine to tablet to cloud. Quickly collect time-series data from sensors on an IoT gateway, where data can be processed, and necessary data sent onward to the cloud or on-premise server.

Eliminate Data Islands & Keep Data in Flow

While most data can stay on the edge, many IIoT projects need part of their data accessible in the cloud, on-premise server, or synced between units. With ObjectBox Sync choose what data to synchronize and when. ObjectBox Sync enables developer to quickly store, query, and sync the data of many distributed devices, keeping data in flow across the shop floor while reducing mobile network (MNO) and cloud costs.

IIoT Use Cases on the Edge


When layering, small changes in the environment need to be incorporated quickly and efficiently to ensure quality. Faster and more precise manufacturing depends on constant adaptation. The limiting factor currently is the I/O throughput. ObjectBox’ speed enables higher I/O throughput.

    • Large and complex data volume
    • Real time response needed
    • Data primarily useful at the local level


Quality Assurance

Quality issues are costly for producers; both in time and raw material. The faster issues can be caught, and action can be taken, the better. ObjectBox empowers video quality control in real time on the edge, allowing for autonomous action at the machine level.

  • High fidelity data
  • Real time autonomy possible
  • Synchronization keeps operators up to date on real time status



Catching machine failures before they occur are a huge cost saving. Processing and monitoring raw data locally at the source, e.g. analyzing audio data for anomalies, allows operators to catch and react to maintenance issues in real time while keeping cloud costs low. ObjectBox enables operators to process more data faster using existing hardware.

  • Analyse high fidelity data, while keeping cloud costs low
  • Sync only interesting data
  • Do more with existing hardware

ObjectBox in a Nutshell



ObjectBox is a high performance data storage solution for IoT and Mobile devices. For the devs: embedded, object-oriented, NoSQL, ACID compliant, <1MB footprint, time series feature, 10x faster than alternatives (see open source benchmarks).


data sync

ObjectBox Sync syncs the data you want to sync between edge device and the cloud automatically for you. It’s super efficient, so it saves energy and cloud costs. It is out-of-the-box, so developers save time and can go to market faster.


why edge computing?

Edge Computing keeps data local, and makes data storage and processing: sustainable, efficient, real time, offline, and secure. We believe Edge Computing is the future of computing, and we aren’t the only ones.


Why ObjectBox rocks

* A fast database = business value, save expense and time
* Our solutions are super-fast. Seriously. Benchmark us.
* ObjectBox Time Series
* We support all kinds of devices and platforms (details)
* We’re pretty fun to work with 🙂 Reach out and let’s collaborate.

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