Data Viewer for Objects – announcing ObjectBox Admin

Data Viewer for Objects – announcing ObjectBox Admin

ObjectBox Admin (Docker container) allows you to analyze ObjectBox databases that run on desktop and server machines. Releasing ObjectBox Admin as a standalone Docker image makes it possible to run Admin on a larger number of platforms.

ObjectBox Admin is available as a Linux x86_64 Docker image, which runs on all common platforms including Windows and macOS. We offer a convenience script ( but it’s also simple enough to run it via plain Docker. See the docs for details, or get started by following this short tutorial.

Data Browser

The ObjectBox Admin Web App comprises a menu on the left (Data, Schema, Status, GraphQL…) and the corresponding content pane on the right-hand side.

ObjectBox Admin Web App (Data, Schema, Status, GraphQL...)

The data browser provides a table of objects of a specific type. By clicking on the Type we can select an entity type for viewing its entity objects.


Next to the type selection is a small filter icon (the dashed triangle right of the type selection).

When selected, a query editor pops up that allows to filter data by adding a Property/Operator/Value expression.

ObjectBox Admin Filtering

When finished, click the check mark, and the data table gets updated with an active filter.

Data Filter

At the bottom, you will find a download link that exports the objects of the currently viewed box in JSON format.


Schema Browser

You can get a detailed list of elements that make up an object type in the “Schema” pane.

Schema pane

In accordance with the “Data” pane, you can click on Type to select the schema of a specific entity type of your database.


Base level database and ObjectBox Admin information can be viewed on the “Status” pane.

Status pane


The Docker-version of ObjectBox Admin offers a pane to query the database using GraphQL.

GraphQL Data Browser