ObjectBox 1.2 with LiveData

We just released ObjectBox 1.2 and recommend everybody to update. The new database version comes with many convenience improvements. Take life cycle interactions with queries for example: First, the new DataSubscriptionList class helps to manage reactive query...

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ObjectBox 1.1 introduces Data Browser

ObjectBox 1.1 brings a data browser to view objects inside ObjectBox databases. This has become the most requested feature, so we are very happy about finally releasing it. The new data browser actually runs in the browser as it is an embedded web app. Thus, you can...

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ObjectBox 1.0

ObjectBox 1.0 is a SQLite database replacement. It makes object persistence on mobile (and IoT) devices simple and fast. Code actually tells best what ObjectBox does (yes, it also does Kotlin): [crayon-5b4f68ebb9e8c050269367/] Don't get us wrong: we think SQLite is a...

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Meet you at Droidcon Berlin!

We want to meet all of you and get to know you (better). We're at Droidcon in Berlin from the 3rd to the 5th of September. Just drop us a line and meet us there (we will also have stickers ;)). We're doing a discussion round on data persistence at the Barcamp on...

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ObjectBox DB 0.9.14

With version 0.9.14, ObjectBox makes two big steps forward: standalone to-many relations and new build tools. Read on for details and how to upgrade. Update: 0.9.15 fixes two critical build issues. Standalone to-many relations ObjectBox supported to-many relations...

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Looking for a great C++ developer

We're looking for a very strong C++ developer who wants to build exciting new technology to bring mobile to plaid mode! We're a really small team, in fact, "team" currently means Markus and myself, Vivien. Still, we're looking to change the mobile developer world. You...

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Join the journey

We're bringing plaid mode to app developers. To do that, we have already implemented the fastest object database on mobile - but that's only the beginning. We just joined Techstars London, one of the top accelerator programs in the world, to get...

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How did we get into Techstars?

Following Techstars #givefirst spirit, I decided to write a blog post that helps early stage startups and other less experienced entrepreneurs, like ourselves, when considering such programs. It's been a week since ours started and our schedules are busier than ever,...

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ObjectBox is a Techstars 17 company #TSLondon

We're happy and proud to announce that ObjectBox is one of the 11 startups selected by Techstars for the London 2017 cohort. That means we just moved to London, as a family, in less than 4 weeks and have just incorporated ObjectBox Ltd. Even if we just started, it's...

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