C++ developer & your heart beats for performance and efficiency? 

ObjectBox is a developer tool ensuring data is where it is needed when the developer needs it. The core is our high-performance, lightweight, embedded database written in C / C++ with easy native-language APIs for Java, Kotlin, Swift, Dart (Flutter), Go, and C / C++. On top of the database, we’re building an out-of-the-box Data Sync (think of it as a git for data; currently in Early Access; so far demonstrating great efficiency).

The role

This role is likely a good fit if you have a passion for performance and efficiency and enjoy the challenges of distributed architectures and restricted / embedded systems.

Main responsibilities

  • Work on scalable Data Sync using the most efficient technologies available
  • Work on exciting new features for the core ObjectBox database
  • Integral part: Performance and size optimization

What we’re looking for

Key skills and characteristics

  • You are based in the EU
  • You have passion for working on complex technical challenges
  • You have prior experiences with multi-threading and concurrency
  • You write clear, modular, maintainable, and testable code
  • 5+ years professional software development experience in a relevant area
  • Professional “modern” C++ skills (C++11 or higher, std library)
  • You combine object-oriented thinking with a keen eye for performance
  • Performance awareness for your code, data structures, and algorithms
  • Deep experience with at least one of valgrind, sanitizers, or profilers.
    We rely a lot on such tools…
  • You have good communication skills and enjoy collaborating with other engineers; you appreciate being part of the code review process and sparing with your teammates on challenging problems

    Over-the-top skills

    • Experience in distributed systems or database development
    • Open Source project management experience
    • Experience building developer tools
    • Experience with CI/CD, automation and scripting
    • Experience with git/github and release management
    • Hands on experience with containers
    • API design experience to give other devs a simple, concise and powerful interface
    • Multi-platform experience (e.g. Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows)
    • Strong Linux experience (e.g. bash, server side programming)
    • Security-related experience (e.g. encryption, hardening)

    What you can look forward to

    We create value

    • The chance to work on complex challenges and leading edge technology
    • Bring an awesome base technology into the world developers love
    • Develop a highly efficient piece of infrastructure software that can have a huge impact on the sustainability of digital projects
    • Exciting tasks with the option to learn and grow and take as many responsibilities as fits your skillset and personal goals

    We care

    • An easy-going and super-friendly, diverse working environment in a small, funded startup – so far, we’re all nerds
    • Flexibility in every respect: We can adapt the contract conditions, working hours and work processes to your situation and are happy to give you the flexibility you need
    • Adequate salary; remote work; occasional team off-sites
    • We’d love to make you a co-owner, so employee shares definetely are an option

    And now? How to apply

    We don’t really care about formalities, so no need to overthink this; we just need to understand where your experience lies and how you would want to contribute. Code often says more than 1000 words 😉

    If this appeals to you, we are looking forward to hearing from you with

    • references (e.g. a link to your GitHub profile etc. )
    • possible starting date
    • working hour targets
    • salary expectations

    Please write to join[at]objectbox[dot]io, or you can also reach out to any of us via LinkedIn or Twitter with any questions you may have any time. 

    We’re a remote-first company.