The one-size-fits-all IoT storage solution

For IoT companies taking their data to the edge.

You’re building an

amazing IoT solution.

Make sure your edge

database can keep up.

Discover the fastest on-device database in the world.


entities per second

< 1MB

native core


cross platform

Objectbox is an embedded database and synchronization solution designed uniquely for IoT
and mobile. It’s small, fast, and easy to use. Plus, it’s NoSQL, ACID compliant, and handles
huge amounts of data without issue. We bring edge computing to the edge.
“If ObjectBox sync would have existed when we built a large IoT solution for one of our customers where we needed to synchronize between gateways, I would definitively have bought it. It was a huge pain and time factor.
Dom Guinard – CEO, Evrythng

Key Features

Easy to Implement

We are committed to providing you with the easiest APIs for you to keep your code short and maintainable.

Lightning Fast

ObjectBox IoT Database is at least 10 times faster than SQLite, allowing real-time processing.

Extremely Lightweight

We know that on-device storage can be expensive. ObjectBox IoT Database weights less than 1MB.

Built to Scale

ObjectBox is fast and easy to use regardless of the amount of data you are using.

Tech Specs

C/C++ Our database core is C++ and comes with a plain C binding
SPEED 100,000+ objects per second for typical CRUD operations on low end hardware e.g. ARM32 (1M+ on current x64)
LOW FOOTPRINT Library is smaller than 1MB
SELF-CONTAINED No dependecies (just libc(++))
ACID COMPLIANT Full transaction support

FLEXIBLE FILTER Filter by time, sensor data, names, or any data point you want
EMBEDDED No database to maintain, just embed ObjectBox in your app
BLOBs Store binary data efficently
AUTOMATIC SCHEMA MIGRATION No hassle, no update scripts
CROSS PLATFORM Linux, Windows, Mac/iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, etc.

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