ObjectBox for IoT


The fastest data storage and sync solution for the edge.

Objectbox empowers edge computing with a data storage and sychronization solution. It’s designed uniquely for compatibility across devices, from sensor to server. With ObjectBox, store and sync data on the edge: super fast, independent from the cloud, in real time, and with improved data security.


entities per second

< 1MB

native core


cross platform

ObjectBox Empowers the Edge

Easy to Implement

ObjectBox is build by developers, for developers. We are committed to providing super easy to use APIs to keep code short and maintainable, and help make project timelines more efficient.

Lightning Fast

The ObjectBox database was built for high performance and speed. Our solution is 10X faster than any alternative, and allows IoT products to maintain low latency.

Extremely Small Footprint

We know that on-device storage can be expensive – ObjectBox is less than 1MB in size. Our database is well suited to IoT gateways, and small IoT nodes. We fit well on small harware, e.g. the Raspberry Pi, ARM32X/64X, Azure Sphere, etc.

Start Free and Scale with Success

ObjectBox is built to handle large and complex data sets. In order to scale your IoT project, it may be necessary to implement an edge computing strategy. ObjectBox is free to start, and scales with your company. Ready to take your project to the next step? Ask us about Startup and Enterprise Licensing.

Tech Specs

  • C/C++ Our database core is C++ and comes with a plain C, Go, Java, Kotlin, Swift, or Python binding. Need additional bindings? Get in touch.
  • SPEED 100,000+ objects per second for typical CRUD operations on low end hardware e.g. ARM32 (1M+ on current x64)
  • LOW FOOTPRINT Library is smaller than 1MB
  • SELF-CONTAINED No dependecies (just libc(++))
  • ACID COMPLIANT Full transaction support

  • FLEXIBLE FILTER Filter by time, sensor data, names, or any data point you want
  • EMBEDDED No database to maintain, just embed ObjectBox in your app
  • BLOBs Store binary data efficently
  • AUTOMATIC SCHEMA MIGRATION No hassle, no update scripts
  • CROSS PLATFORM Linux, Windows, Mac/iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Why ObjectBox?

Real-time response rate

Secure data

Lower cloud costs

Operate online or offline

Need advice on an IoT project? 

Get in touch with the team at ObjectBox, and we will contact you in under 48 hours to discuss our edge database.


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