Object + Time Series DB

ObjectBox TS = the power of objects + time series + edge

Object & Time Series Database

The popular NoSQL edge database ObjectBox has a powerful time series data extension. With it you can combine the power of our superfast object persistence with time-series data on the edge. Collect, store, and query time-series data and other data with ObjectBox on the edge. Let ObjectBox Sync take care of synchronizing the data sets you select between devices on-premise or with a server / cloud backend as needed.



ObjectBox is build for high speed and gives you highly efficient I/O throughput for all kind of data types, including time series. Access millions of time series objects per second on commodity hardware. Check out our performance benchmarks to learn more.


Using multiple databases for different data types? Keep your code base standardized and simple by using ObjectBox for all types of data, devices, and platforms. ObjectBox ccombines powerful native language object persistence with time-series data.


Save energy and cloud costs with ObjectBox Sync that takes care of syncing select data sets differentially (delta sync). For example: Only sync data, when a data point exceeds certain limits, or upn crossing a threshhold,  or a change in status occurs.

The Power of Objects + Time-Series: Discover Patterns in Your Data 

Linking your objects to your time-series data is powerful and allows you to find hidden causalities and undiscovered links. Our visualization dashboard helps you to quickly discover patterns in your data and make data-based decisions that drive business value.

Use ObjectBox TS to collect, analyze, and combine your time series and object data.


ObjectBox Time Series Features




ObjectBox TS
(time series extension)
Object persistence

(all ObjectBox standard features present)

Data ingestion modes: ACID, async
Time series entity types

(read-only compatibility)

Time based iterator API
TS query extensions for time values
(time based query run, but much slower than TS)
Time range query optimization (“between” condition)
Lookup by value storage mechanism Secondary indexes Specialized TS storage, similar to primary index
Efficient lookup by value without extra storage space
Efficient put/remove in  single DB operation
(2 DB operations required)
Object data browser with time centered view
Time based value graphs
Time based data pruning (automatic) Request details

ObjectBox TS Empowers Time Series on the Edge

Predictive Maintenance Use Case

Monitoring equipment for signs of future failure is an effective way for industrial companies with machines to lower operational costs. Predictive maintenance uses IoT sensors to monitor machine status like temperature and vibration. The kind of data that these sensors collect is often time series data; however often projects need to collect other kinds of data, for example, pictures or audio data. ObjectBox allows companies to collect any type of data with one code base. ObjectBox TS optimizes ObjectBox specifically for data collected over time.

Sync Only Relevant Data and Save Costs

ObjectBox Sync gives developers access to the data that they need, when they need it. Access edge data from across edge devices, IoT gateways, and the cloud. Choose what part of data to synchronize and when, creating more efficient data flows, and thereby keeping network/cloud costs low as projects scale.

ObjectBox in a Nutshell



ObjectBox is a high performance data storage solution for IoT and Mobile devices. For the devs: embedded, object-oriented, NoSQL, ACID compliant, <1MB footprint, time series feature, 10x faster than alternatives (see open source benchmarks).


data sync

ObjectBox Sync syncs the data you want to sync between edge device and the cloud automatically for you. It’s super efficient, so it saves energy and cloud costs. It is out-of-the-box, so developers save time and can go to market faster.


Edge Computing

Edge Computing keeps data local, and makes data storage and processing: sustainable, efficient, real time, offline, and secure. We believe Edge Computing is the future of computing, and we aren’t the only ones.


ObjectBox rocks

* A fast database = business value, save expense and time
* Our solutions are super-fast. Seriously. Benchmark us (please)
* We support all kinds of devices and platforms (details)
* We’re pretty fun to work with 🙂 Reach out and let’s collaborate.

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