Industrial IoT


Keep manufacturing units in sync, responding securely and in real-time.

Industrial IoT: the Digitalization of Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is bringing rapid advances in technology, e.g. data analytics, improved connectivity, and human-machine interaction into the manufacturing setting. These new technologies are improving industrial processes to make them more efficient, cost-effective, and safer.

Edge Computing is an integral part of Industry 4.0 allowing data to be analyzed and used locally – without the high cost and risk involved with sending data to the cloud, while enabling realtime response rates.

ObjectBox Empowers Edge Computing in Industrial IoT

Respond Faster & Ensure High Quality

ObjectBox enables you to persist and use data in near realtime locally on manufacturing units like e.g. controllers. This means quality issues or abnormalities can be addressed the moment they occur, or additive manufacturing units can adapt to slight changes in the surrounding conditions. ObjectBox allows you to manage high I/O throughputs locally, quickly, and reliably.

Save Dev Time, Implement Faster & Easier

ObjectBox is built by developers, for developers – all of our solutions are dev-friendly and super easy to use. ObjectBox saves developments teams time by solving complex data synchronization out of the box. This means faster coding, faster implementation, and faster time to market.

Keep Units in Sync & Improve Efficiency

While edge computing has various benefits, many IIoT projects need part of their data accessible in the cloud or an on-premise server, or synced between units. With ObjectBox Sync, choose what data to synchronize and when, keeping data accurate and up-to-date across manufacturing units, and cloud costs reasonable as projects scale

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