We’re happy and proud to announce that ObjectBox is one of the 11 startups selected by Techstars for the London 2017 cohort.

That means we just moved to London, as a family, in less than 4 weeks and have just incorporated ObjectBox Ltd. Even if we just started, it’s already great to see so many cool teams going through their own startup journeys and getting insights and feedback from so many different angles.

Techstars is all about #givefirst and we could feel that within the program right from the start. Just one tiny thing that we as a family founder with a 3-year old daughter really appreciated:

Families welcome at Techstars

and immediately took up to get our daughter, Smilla, educated on the latest insights of pitch trainings:

Pitch Training Session by Max Techstars London

While it’s really awesome to be here, there is also just a tiny bit of pressure there:

Techstars countdown timer

Just wanted to share bits of this great first week, more coming throughout the next…92 days!