ObjectBox 2.0 will be a big step ahead and we are proud to announce the beta release today. Relations and queries are the two major themes. First, ObjectBox finally allows queries to use relations to expand queries across multiple entities. We call this “link” and it is simpler to use than a SQL “join” as used in conventional databases:

Another important step are bi-directional many-to-many relations. Now, ObjectBox is “relation complete” with unidirectional to-one and to-many relations, which can be extended into bi-directional one-to-many and many-to-many. To define the latter, you simply add a @Backlink  annotation to a List member, pointing in the reverse direction of the primary relation:

ObjectBox 2.0 beta comes with additional features like support for Android’s Paging library. Check the changelog for details.

Let us know what you think of the new APIs and what we can improve before we finalize version 2 in the next weeks. And because we know that many of you asked for unique constraints, we will add those to the final 2.0 as well.


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