We just released ObjectBox 1.2 and recommend everybody to update. The new database version comes with many convenience improvements. Take life cycle interactions with queries for example:

ObjectBox LiveData First, the new DataSubscriptionList class helps to manage reactive query subscriptions. Using this new class you only need a single cancel()  call to unsubscribe from multiple queries.

Second, ObjectBox now supports LiveData of the Android Architecture Components. The class ObjectBoxLiveData  implements LiveData and thus is an alternative to tracking DataSubscription. For more details on how to use LiveData with ObjectBox, please check the new  LiveData documentation. We also added a new project in the ObjectBox examples repository on GitHub.

Other improvements include object ID based interactions in the ToMany class. The data browser, which was introduced in version 1.1, now comes with a more compact UI (see screenshot). Check the changelog for details on improvements and fixes.

Let us know what you think of the update. Will you use DataSubscription or LiveData? We’re always happy to get your feedback on ObjectBox. Also, we have a small questionnaire that helps us improve ObjectBox based on your wishes.


ObjectBox is a super fast database and synchronization solution, built uniquely for Mobile and IoT devices. We bring edge computing to small devices, allowing data to be stored and processed from sensor to server for reliable, fast and secure data management. ObjectBox is smaller than 1MB, so it is the ideal solution across hardware from Mobile Apps, to IoT Devices and IoT Gateways. We are the first high-performance NoSQL, ACID-compliant on-device edge database. All of our products are built with developers in mind, so they are easy to use and take minimal code to implement.