IoT Edge Use Cases


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The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting our world in new and amazing ways. Using the data generated by IoT devices, we can make a smarter, safer, and more efficient world. However, IoT devices generate millions of data points – and it no longer makes sense to stream all of this data to the cloud to be stored, analyzed and processed. More intelligent computing must happen at the edge of the network, at or near the source of the data. This is called edge computing, and ObjectBox empowers edge computing. With the power of edge computing, companies can develop products that are independent from the cloud, ensure better data safety, and respond in real time.

Why Incorporate Edge Computing in IoT?

Offline Functionality

Data Security

Reduce Cloud Costs

Real-Time Response

Bandwidth Limitations

Selected Use Cases of Edge Computing in IoT

Smart Homes

IoT devices will bring the convenience and efficiency of modern technology right into our homes. However, with increasing concerns about data security, we need smart home products that keep our data safe. The best way to do this, is for personal data to never leave your house. With an edge database, smart home devices can keep personal data local, making it extremely hard to hack. In addition, an on-device database like ObjectBox allows IoT products to respond immediately, regardless of internet connection.

  • Offline functionality for down or slow internet
  • Data Security / Privacy – personal data is more secure when kept locally, with only selective syncing of essential data
  • Local API is necessary for quick response times


Smart Cities

The population in cities will grow rapidly in the next decade, adding millions of people to existing infrastructures. In response, cities are embracing smart city technologies to ensure that the spaces we share are safe, clean, and easily accessible. Edge computing helps to make smart city solutions more flexible – an edge database can ensure that devices like security systems function even when a cloud connection is lost. Intelligent edge computing also allows cities to analyze data locally, reducing their ecological footprint by streaming only essential data to the cloud.

  • Cities will deal with large numbers of data points from:

    – data heavy IoT applications, e.g. video, audio, AI, AR, and ML

    – the sheer number of devices needed to implement smart city IoT solutions

  • There are complex local rules for computing – requiring a robust database

  • Offline functionality is essential to Smart Cities – particularly in low/no internet zones, e.g. underground, in elevators, etc.

  • Low latency response times improve user experience – making Smart City interactions more pleasant and efficient.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the newest age of manufacturing, bringing technological innovations to the factory floor. Improving line efficiency and processes via smart data analysis brings companies cost saving and safer factories. Edge computing adds an additional layer of efficiency – bringing the analysis directly to the machine, thus enabling real time responses. Utilizing an edge database, companies can monitor machine health and keep production running smoothly. Additional use cases include worker safety and predictive maintenance. 

  • Low latency, e.g. real time response

    – Need for powerful data querying capabilities

    – Necessary local processing

  • Data security – Keep private company data local, reduce the risk of data leaks
  • Offline functionality – many warehouse floors are large and often connection is unreliable. 
  • Reduce Cloud Costs – Process raw data locally at IoT gateways, before integrating it with the cloud

The ObjectBox Advantage


faster than any alternative.


Check out our open source benchmarks, and test our speed yourself.


uniquely designed for small devices.


Well suited for IoT gateways and devices, like the Azure Sphere or Raspberry Pi.


of the code vs. SQLite.


NoSQL core with native language APIs to make developing easy and simple.

Edge Computing Benefits Your Company

Scale with Success


Save on Cloud Costs


Save on Development Time

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