Highlight-Women in Tech Panel at Droidcon Berlin 2018

Droidcon Berlin Women In Tech

Meet the speakers

This year at droidcon Berlin 2018 during the interactive day we were lucky to have the opportunity to host the Women in Tech panel. Our panelists had some very interesting things to say and we wanted to share the highlights. From left to right: Dr. Vivien Dollinger LinkedIn (ObjectBox), Annyce Davis LinkedIn (Off Grid Electric), Anita Singh LinkedIn (Winnie), Lara Martin LinkedIn (Babbel), and Kevin McDonagh LinkedIn (Novoda).

 “Free beer and ping pong doesn’t work for everyone” – Anita Singh

Women need equal pay in the workplace and companies should be more public with those numbers. There is a need for proper management training and women have left companies because managers don’t know how to adequately deal with discrimination and bias.
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Feminism empowerment equal opportunity technology tech women female droidcon android

“Being a mother helps you prioritize things and gives you a new perspective” “If you want something done give it to a busy person” – Annyce Davis

Being a mother helps you prioritize things, be more organized and empathetic at work, and realize that just as your own children are all different, so are your employees. The customers as well are all different and having that motherly insight can help reach a broader customer group.

“I had to look for role models” – Lara Martin

I remembered looking for blog posts of people doing career changes as I wanted to. I found one written by a woman who moved to Berlin and successfully started an iOS development career. The article gave me reassurance that I was capable of changing career paths and succeeding as well.
Feminism empowerment equal opportunity technology tech women female droidcon android
women in tech droidcon berlin 2018 moderator diversity equal opportunity

“Companies might still need to go the extra mile to enable gender equality in the future.” – Vivien Dollinger

For example, last year’s Techstars London class was the first class that was nearly 50/50 male and female CEOs. Max Kelly (MD) achieved this by searching actively for female founders, going the extra mile to diversify the program.

“Men should be feminists; I am one!” – Kevin McDonagh

It is easier for women to be in the tech industry in big cities such as London, New York, and San Francisco, but in other places, women have more problems fitting into the stereotypically male industry. There must be effort to changing company culture and to offer equal opportunities to both genders. In the current tech culture, men are heard more, so men must take the initiative to speak out about this issue.

General summary

The panel engaged in a lively discussion about women’s experience in the Tech industry from their personal experiences, and how the industry can adapt to better support women and families. Annyce Davis and Vivien Dollinger believe that gender equality needs to start early with children’s books showing less gender bias and inspiring girls with tech role models. Bringing in the male perspective, Kevin McDonagh identified himself as a feminist and encouraged more boys and men to embrace feminism. Anita Singh and Lara Martin talked about the women role models that inspired them to pursue a career in the Tech Industry, including Kalpana Chawla, the first woman of Indian origin in space.

We had a wonderful time hosting the Women in Tech panel, and we would be thrilled to make it an annual tradition – we already have new panellist ideas! If you would like to get in contact with us about the panel, message us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

women in tech droidcon berlin 2018 moderator diversity equal opportunity

Daniela Gausmann  Panel Moderator LinkedIn – Angel List profile

Thank you for your support!

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