Extraordinary speed for on-device apps

Any app is only as good as its data.  The on-device ObjectBox database ensures data is smoothly available when and where needed. No Internet? No cloud? No worries. ObjectBox brings high-performance and resource efficiency to devices at the edge of the network, like mobile phones, IoT gadgets, industrial machines, medical equipment, microcontrollers, and all the smart things around you. 

ObjectBox Powers Solutions Across Industries

Make the most of your data – offline, on-device, anywhere, anytime 


ObjectBox is 10x faster than any alternative, with high speed data ingestion that increases response times. Check out our benchmarks.

From Sensor to Server

…and everything in between. We support Linux, Windows, Mac/iOS, Android, Raspbian, etc. Embedded or Containerized.

Sync data seamlessly

ObjectBox’ out-of-the-box synchronization makes data available when needed where needed, eliminating data islands and improving data flow.

offline first

Offline first

Develop applications that work on- and offline, independently from a constant Internet connection, providing an “always-on”-feeling.

GO FastER to market

Accelerate time-to-market with ObjectBox’ easy and super fast native language APIs, that bring the fun back to coding.

Cloud costs

Reduce costs

ObjectBox reduces mobile network and cloud costs more than 40% by persisting data locally (on the edge), and syncing with low overhead and high efficiently.

Discover the ObjectBox Solutions

Develop faster apps faster. Enjoy easy to use APIs and ludicrous speed. Join over 800,000+ developers using ObjectBox.

Lots of devices. One solution. Store and synchronize data seamlessly on the edge and from edge to cloud with ObjectBox.

Syncing data is hard. ObjectBox provides out-of-the-box synchronization for IoT and Mobile apps, from edge to cloud.

The best of object-orientation and time-series data for maximum resource-efficiency, speed, and real-time insights.

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We’re the team behind the open source libraries EventBus, greenDAO, and Essentials. Chances are you have used apps powered by our tech, e.g.

This project (886637) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.


ObjectBox is a super fast database and synchronization solution, built uniquely for Embedded Devices, Mobile and IoT. We bring computing to restricted devices, allowing data to be stored and processed from sensor to server for reliable, fast and secure data management on the edge. ObjectBox is smaller than 1MB and highly resource-efficient (CPU, Memory, Battery), so it is the ideal solution to work with on edge devices and embedded systems. ObjectBox is the first high-performance NoSQL, ACID-compliant on-device edge database. All ObjectBox products are built with developers in mind, so they are easy to use, quick to integrate, and take minimal code to implement.

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