ObjectBox is a superfast, light-weight object persistence framework for iOS and macOS.

This is the ObjectBox Swift API reference. Also check the guides for general documentation.

Current version: 0.5.1 (alpha)

Most Important Types

  • Store: the long-lived connection to your data on disk.
  • Entity: protocol to mark your type as persistable by ObjectBox.
  • Id: identifies object instances in the database.
  • Box: main interface to persist objects and create Querys.
  • Query: conditional fetching of object of a certain type.

Please let us know your feedback

In order to become the most Swift-friendly persistence solution, we depend on your feedback.

Please help us and let us know how we are doing so far:

What’s Missing in the Alpha?

ObjectBox Swift Alpha is a developer preview. It is not ready for production use, yet! Consider the following limitations:

  • No binary compatibility of your on-disk data with future versions.
  • No model migrations: once you persist an entity with 2 properties, you cannot simply add a 3rd property. You have to reset the store (e.g. delete the database files) to start from scratch.
  • Incomplete functionality: missing relation types, indexes, data observers, object browser.
  • Changing the internal structure of the library to open source the Swift code.

Keep in Touch

We’re obviously not finished here.

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