Interface SyncServer

    • Method Detail

      • getUrl

        java.lang.String getUrl()
        Gets the URL the server is running at.
      • getPort

        int getPort()
        Gets the port the server has bound to.
      • isRunning

        boolean isRunning()
        Returns if the server is up and running.
      • getStatsString

        java.lang.String getStatsString()
        Gets some statistics from the sync server.
      • setSyncChangeListener

        void setSyncChangeListener​(@Nullable
                                   SyncChangeListener listener)
        Sets a SyncChangeListener. Replaces a previously set listener. Set to null to remove the listener.
      • start

        void start()
        Starts the server (e.g. bind to port) and gets everything operational.
      • stop

        void stop()
        Stops the server.
      • close

        void close()
        Closes and cleans up all resources used by this sync server. It can no longer be used afterwards, build a new sync server instead. Does nothing if this sync server has already been closed.
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        close in interface java.lang.AutoCloseable
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        close in interface