Class SyncChange

  • @Beta
    public class SyncChange
    extends java.lang.Object
    A collection of changes made to one entity type during a sync transaction. Delivered via SyncChangeListener. IDs of changed objects are available via getChangedIds() and those of removed objects via getRemovedIds().
    • Constructor Detail

      • SyncChange

        public SyncChange​(int entityTypeId,
                          long[] changedIds,
                          long[] removedIds)
      • SyncChange

        public SyncChange​(long entityTypeId,
                          long[] changedIds,
                          long[] removedIds)
    • Method Detail

      • getChangedIds

        public long[] getChangedIds()
        IDs of objects that have been changed; e.g. have been put/updated/inserted.
      • getRemovedIds

        public long[] getRemovedIds()
        IDs of objects that have been removed.