Class StringLongMapConverter

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    public class StringLongMapConverter
    extends StringFlexMapConverter
    Used to automatically convert Map&lt;String, Long&gt;.
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      • StringLongMapConverter

        public StringLongMapConverter()
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      • shouldRestoreAsLong

        protected boolean shouldRestoreAsLong​(FlexBuffers.Reference reference)
        Description copied from class: FlexObjectConverter
        Returns true if the width in bytes stored in the private parentWidth field of FlexBuffers.Reference is 8. Note: FlexBuffers stores all items in a map/vector using the size of the widest item. However, an item's size is only as wide as needed, e.g. a 64-bit integer (Java Long, 8 bytes) will be reduced to 1 byte if it does not exceed its value range.
        shouldRestoreAsLong in class FlexObjectConverter