Annotation Type Uid

  • @Retention(CLASS)
    public @interface Uid
    UIDs identify entities (and properties) uniquely in the meta object model file (objectbox-model/default.json). With UIDs you can map entities to their meta model representation in a stable way without its name. Once a UID is set, you can rename the entity as often as you like - ObjectBox keeps track of it automatically. Thus, it is advisable to lookup the UID in objectbox-model/default.json and use it here before renaming a entity.
    • Optional Element Summary

      Optional Elements 
      Modifier and Type Optional Element Description
      long value
      The UID associated with an entity/property.
    • Element Detail

      • value

        long value
        The UID associated with an entity/property.

        Special values:

        • empty (or zero): and the ObjectBox Gradle plugin will set it automatically to the current value.
        • -1: will assign a new ID and UID forcing the property/entity to be treated as new (for entities: all property IDs and UIDs will be renewed too)