ObjectBox C API  0.8.1
ObjectBox C API Documentation


ObjectBox is a fast database for data objects.

Installation and examples

Check the ObjectBox C repository for additional info and examples including the usage of flatcc.

Single header

The entire ObjectBox C API is defined in a single header file:


Basic concepts

  • Objects are the entities persisted in the database
  • Objects are FlatBuffers
  • Objects are "grouped" by their type; e.g. there is a Box (or "Cursor") for each type
  • Objects are addressed using a 64 bit integer ID (obx_id)
  • There is no query language; queries are build using a query builder

API Naming conventions

  • methods: obx_thing_action()
  • structs: OBX_thing {}
  • error codes: OBX_ERROR_REASON

Essential types

Check the docs for the following types:

  • OBX_store: the "database"; "opens" data files in a given directory
  • OBX_box: object operations like put and get
  • OBX_query_builder: used to construct queries using "query conditions"
  • OBX_query: the product of a query builder can be executed to find objects matching the previously defined conditions

Essential Links/Readings