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Expand opportunities and connect with new prospects while gaining unique access to the fastest DB & Sync solution on the market.

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With ObjectBox’ super fast database and data synchronization solution, you can enable new use cases for your clients, out of the box.

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ObjectBox values our partners, which is why we give back in the form of partner discounts, shared commission and referral bonuses.

Partnership Benefits

  Shared commission

  Co-marketing/case study oppotunities

  Eligible for early access/beta programs

  Premium reseller discount

  Roadmap reviews

  Training discounts

Partner Profiles

IoT Platform

Leverage the ObjectBox database and synchronization solution to extend the offering on your platform.

Digital Consultant

Enable new use cases for your customers, and deliver solutions faster, with ObjectBox’ out-of-the-box solutions.

Mobile/App Agency

Deliver direct value to clients by easily integrating the ObjectBox DB and ObjectBox Sync into your clients app.


Embed ObjectBox’ high-performance, small-footprint database into your hardware / appliance.

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