Accelerate with ObjectBox support

We love to help you run faster apps faster.

The ObjectBox database is free and easy to use, and many developers use ObjectBox without support or additional licenses. The ObjectBox community has many free resources including our GitHub page, Stack Overflow, as well as our FAQ and Documentation.

For commercial users who face tough timelines, we have several levels of professional support to help speed up your development times.

SMALL projects


/MONTH, paid annually

  • Get expert support – privately and directly from the ObjectBox developers.
  • Get personalized advice and tips on design and optimization for ObjectBox.
  • Get higher priority for the bugs you report.

MEDIUM projects

starts at


/MONTH, paid annually


  • Speak with ObjectBox Developers via phone during business hours.
  • Our dev team will assist with planning and/or coding out portions of your project related to ObjectBox.
  • ObjectBox will review your project to identify bugs, if there is a chance they are related to ObjectBox.
  • Requests and suggestions for ObjectBox features get top priority.

BIG / MULTIPLE projects



Tell us what you need, typically this might include:

  • License ObjectBox for your project
  • Customized features

You have an individual, one-time request or need training?