ObjectBox features

Everything a Mobile Database needs:
  • Superfast: our motivation to build ObjectBox was to deliver the best possible performance. ObjectBox outperforms all embedded databases we ever tested (which are quite a few) by far. Details will follow.
  • Object API: No more rows, columns and SQL – ObjectBox is a mobile database built for objects from ground up (no ORM, no SQLite). The concise API is easy to learn and just takes a fraction of the code you need to work with SQLite.
  • QueryBuilder: With ObjectBox you simply query for objects with checks at compile time. Therefore, you have no more typos causing crashes at runtime.
  • Object Relations: Object references / relationships are a built-in type; they are native references.
  • Reactive: Reacting to data changes is simple and powerful. Use reactive data observers from ObjectBox or integrate with RxJava.
  • Multiplatform: ObjectBox already supports Android and plain-Java (Linux and Windows). MacOS and iOS are the next platforms on the Roadmap.
  • Instant unit testing: With our multiplatform approach, you can run plain unit tests on the desktop (no Robolectric, no instrumentation tests) with a real database in milliseconds.
  • Robust technology: ACID properties and Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) provide you with safe transactions and parallelism. ACID stands for: Atomic, Consitent, Isolated, Durable.
  • Simple threading: Objects returned by ObjectBox work in all threads with no strings attached.
  • No manual schema migrations: ObjectBox takes care of new object versions with added, removed, and renamed properties.
  • Tested: Ever since ObjectBox was in beta, we were running it already in apps with over 150.000 monthly active users and thousands of devices. And of course we have a lot of unit tests internally (> 1000 individual tests).
Future releases: We have some very interesting features in the queue we want to present soon. So please stay tuned (did you sign up for our newsletter?).