Class FlatBufferBuilder.ByteBufferFactory

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    public abstract static class FlatBufferBuilder.ByteBufferFactory
    extends java.lang.Object
    An interface that provides a user of the FlatBufferBuilder class the ability to specify the method in which the internal buffer gets allocated. This allows for alternatives to the default behavior, which is to allocate memory for a new byte-array backed `ByteBuffer` array inside the JVM. The FlatBufferBuilder class contains the HeapByteBufferFactory class to preserve the default behavior in the event that the user does not provide their own implementation of this interface.
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      abstract java.nio.ByteBuffer newByteBuffer​(int capacity)
      Create a `ByteBuffer` with a given capacity.
      void releaseByteBuffer​(java.nio.ByteBuffer bb)
      Release a ByteBuffer.
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      • ByteBufferFactory

        public ByteBufferFactory()
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      • newByteBuffer

        public abstract java.nio.ByteBuffer newByteBuffer​(int capacity)
        Create a `ByteBuffer` with a given capacity. The returned ByteBuf must have a ByteOrder.LITTLE_ENDIAN ByteOrder.
        capacity - The size of the `ByteBuffer` to allocate.
        Returns the new `ByteBuffer` that was allocated.
      • releaseByteBuffer

        public void releaseByteBuffer​(java.nio.ByteBuffer bb)
        Release a ByteBuffer. Current FlatBufferBuilder released any reference to it, so it is safe to dispose the buffer or return it to a pool. It is not guaranteed that the buffer has been created with newByteBuffer(int).
        bb - the buffer to release