ObjectBox 0.9.10 - getting closer to 1.0

Do you know our new super fast mobile database ObjectBox yet? With versions 0.9.9 and the just released 0.9.10, ObjectBox made great progress to stabilize features for the 1.0 release. With an increasing number of apps using ObjectBox, we were able to spot and fix some less obvious issues. We believe that ObjectBox 0.9.10 is the most stable release ever. If you did not dare to check out the beta version yet: now is a good time to have a closer look.

It’s also a good time to look forward to the upcoming ObjectBox 1.0 release. The main feature we will focus on for 1.0 are object relations. While ObjectBox already supports basic relations, we want to make relations super simple to use and more powerful (e.g. to-many relations without to-one relations). Of course, we will keep listening to your feedback and do other improvements on the fly. So, keep us updated!

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