ObjectBox Documentation

Getting started

Tutorial: how to get started with ObjectBox
Explore the example project available on GitHub

Introduction to ObjectBox
Learn how to setup ObjectBox and how to use its basic operations

ObjectBox Entity Annotations
How to mark objects with @Entity and other annotations

ObjectBox and Kotlin
ObjectBox fully supports Kotlin, see here what to consider


Get the data you want: query for objects matching criteria you define

Data Observers and Reactive Extensions
Don’t call us, we call you – let ObjectBox trigger your app logic on changes

LiveData with Android Architecture Components
Use ObjectBoxLiveData to integrate with ViewModel

How objects reference other objects

Data browser
Browse schema and entities and download entities as JSON


Custom Types: map classes and enums to database values
Enums, custom data container classes? How to use them in ObjectBox entities.

Transactions are a powerful tool to make your app consistent and efficient!

ObjectBox Meta Model, IDs, and UIDs
The ObjectBox’ equivalent of a database schema and how to update it (automatically)

Misc: FAQ, License

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
The first stop if you have questions

Beta license
Legal stuff and such…

If there is something not covered by the documentation or can be improved, please let us know.


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