the easy object-oriented database
for small devices
Less code is better code.

There’s more than an edge to it

Rely on Relations
Strong support of relations, so you don’t have to worry about them.
Kotlin / Java Rx support
We support Java Rx and Kotlin to allow you to develop faster.
Instant speed
Much faster than SQLite, so you can develop faster apps.
POJOS / Simple Threading
No magic here, pass objects from the DB around threads. No “live” model – objects are just objects. No SQL.
Local unit testing
ObjectBox also runs on the desktop. Get immediate feedback from plain unit tests without lengthy devices turn-arounds.
Enjoy the flow
No manual schema integrations: Your classes are your schema. Changes are transparent.

No SQL under the hood – Simply faster

Please check our extensive Open Source benchmarking app on GitHub. We want our benchmarks to be fair.

ObjectBox database
With ObjectBox we enable app developers to devote their valuable time to what makes their apps stand out and not on storing and retrieving data.

ObjectBox is designed for mobile. It is an object-oriented embedded database and a full alternative for SQLite. ObjectBox is incidentally also well-suited for IoT.

ObjectBox is optimized for performance and designed to save app developers from dealing with SQL. We think, the resulting performance advantages are rather impressive and invite you to try it for yourself.

With ObjectBox, we are bringing technology from NoSQL databases to mobile. ObjectBox is a fully transactional database satisfying ACID properties. It is also truly object-oriented: POJOs are POJOs, no hidden magic here.

Try it and make your apps run faster.


Get started
It’s easy. ObjectBox is available as a Maven dependency.

Get started:

Finally, as we strongly believe in open source and have contributed to open source for many years, we will be gradually releasing some of the source code to the ObjectBox GitHub repo.

CRUD faster.

About us

We are “very lean”. A team of two, but a growing base of truly amazing supporters.
Markus Junginger

Markus Junginger

Co-Founder and CTO

I started coding for mobile long before Android and iOS were born, but jumped right on Android when the first SDK was released. Doing apps for over a decade now, I saw the need for a speedy object-oriented data solution. I am currently CTO and co-founder of ObjectBox where I spend as much time as possible coding – so far responsible for almost all its code. When I’m not coding, I enjoy time with my family, especially my little daughter.

Dr. Vivien Dollinger

Dr. Vivien Dollinger

Co-Founder and CEO

I spent the last decade scaling and leading teams in the mobile and games industry. Currently, I am fully dedicated to giving Markus as much time for coding as possible while dealing with the business side of ObjectBox and slowly growing it. Apart from work, I enjoy spending time with my daughter with whom I share the love of play and games, like theater play, role play, board games, digital games.
We’re the team behind the open source libraries EventBus and greenDAO. Chances are you have used apps powered by out tech, e.g.

Thank you for starring us

– we don’t like bragging, but we don’t mind sharing the community love we received –

We believe in


Data should be where it is genuinely used.


Developing apps should be as easy as possible, not easier.


Wasting resources is not cool, being superfast is.

ObjectBox 1.5: Full support for local Android unit tests

We're happy to announce ObjectBox 1.5, which comes with a couple of small but useful improvements. A focus for this release were local unit tests for Android. The test setup was greatly simplified and support for relations was added. Now, you can write super fast unit...

ObjectBox for Desktop Apps

We're happy to announce that our embedded database ObjectBox now officially runs on all major desktop platforms. This enables Java-based desktop apps on Windows, macOS, and Linux to utilize ObjectBox' simplicity and performance. From the beginning, ObjectBox has been...

ObjectBox 1.4 with Property Queries and Entity Inheritance

We're happy to announce 1.4 of our superfast mobile database that comes with three new features: Queries may now return values for an individual property (also supports distinct values) Entities may extend other entities 50% size reduction of...

We are hiring

We're looking for exceptional talent with entrepreneurial spirit, who want to join the early journey and help us build ObjectBox into one of the greatest developer tool for mobile and IoT. Operations Manager (parttime / fulltime) in Munich C++...

ObjectBox 1.3 improves developer tooling

In ObjectBox 1.3 we made some changes under the hood to give developers a more powerful tooling. We recommend everybody to update. We've worked closely with developers of a complex app with millions of active users. At that scale, how can ObjectBox best support the...
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